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Louis Staunton Chess Set Pieces 2-1/2" Rosewood Colored with Wood Tex Roll up 13" Chess Board and Velvet Pouch with Logo
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Louis Staunton Chess Set Pieces 2-1/2" Rosewood Colored with Wood Tex Roll up 13" Chess Board and Velvet Pouch with Logo

In Brief
  • Category: Chess Sets
  • Type: Wooden
  • Style: Roll Up
  • Model: Louis
  • Theme: Staunton
  • Wood / Material: Rosewood / Boxwood
  • Board Size: 13" x 13"
  • King Size: 2.5"
What's included with this item
  • 32 Chess Pieces
  • 2 Extra Queens
  • Velvet Case
  • Woodtex Roll Up Chess Board
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Sale Price: $30.95 Regular Price: $40.00
Shipping: $13.95
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Out of Stock

This is one of the most economic package deal in which you will get wooden weighted chess pieces, roll up chess board and velvet pouch.

Louis Staunton Chess pieces:
These hand carved chessmen are finely crafted by our craftsmen in Boxwood who have inherited this skill for so many years. Fine quality of rosewood color lacquer coating is applied on 17 boxwood pieces to give exact rosewood look. The King measures 2-1/2" and total weight of 34 pieces chess set is around 16 oz (460 grams) inclusive of 2 extra queens. These chess pieces are cushioned with green velvet pads on the bottom.

Roll Up Silk/Rayon Rosewood Textured Chess Board with Super Soft plush fleece back:
House of Chess presents newly innovated roll up wood textured chess board under the brand of "Woodtex". These boards are having super soft Green color plush fleece back and the Silk/Rayon top with special digital wood textured playing surface.
Generally the currently available single colored roll up chess boards are either too thin and light in weight or too thick and bulky. The light weighted chess boards cannot ensure the stability of chess pieces over the playing surface whereas the hard rubberized back makes the boards heavy and also emits rubber odor.
The Woodtex Chess boards have been developed after keeping in mind the weight, color, smoothness and other factors. These unique boards can be stored in roll up as well as folded position.
Green plush fleece with thickness of 0.15" (4mm) makes the board stable and provides royal look.

Green Color Velvet Pouch with Logo:
The specially designed velvet pouch is being provided to store these unique chessmen. The velvet pouch comes with wooden logo of House of Chess which means you have bought the branded chess set from Pleasant Times Industries.

Product Info Specifications Similar Items
  • Item# CS7025
  • Chess Board: 13" x 13"
  • Square Size: 1.3"
  • King Height: 2.5"
  • King Base: 1.05"
  • Queen Height: 2.12"
  • Queen Base: 1.05"
  • Bishop Height: 2"
  • Bishop Base: 1"
  • Knight Height: 1.8"
  • Knight Base: 1"
  • Rook Height: 1.45"
  • Rook Base: 1"
  • Pawn Height: 1.3"
  • Pawn Base: 0.9"
  • Chess Board (playable area): 11" x 11"
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Product Info Description Specifications
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