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French Regence Camel Bone 4" Chess Pieces & 16" Folding Wenge Wood Board with Inlaid Maple Algebraic Notations
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French Regence Camel Bone 4" Chess Pieces & 16" Folding Wenge Wood Board with Inlaid Maple Algebraic Notations

In Brief
  • Category: Chess Sets
  • Type: Bone
  • Style: Folding
  • Model: French Regence
  • Theme: Artistic
  • Wood / Material: Wenge Wood / Maple
  • Board Size: 16" x 16"
  • King Size: 4"
What's included with this item
  • 32 Chess Pieces
  • Leather Cover
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This is one of the esteemed package deal specially meant for Tournaments, Christmas Gifts, Father's day gift, graduation gifts and birthday present etc. Camel Bone hand carved French Regence Chess pieces are reproduced from Antique Regence design dating back to 18th century and associated with French Regency period meant for elite higher classes. The white pieces are bleached milky white and black pieces are dyed in black color. These chessmen are finely crafted by our craftsmen who have inherited this skill for so many years. These Faux Ivory/Black camel bone chess pieces boast black velvet pads on the bottom.
For the very first time in history of chess, Inlaid White Maple Algebraic Notations are being offered. We are not using any color or screen prints for these notations. It is 100% inlaid. Each and every alphabet as well as the numbers are inlaid on the board.
French Regence Chess Pieces: The folding Chess board / presentation box comes with hand carved camel bone faux ivory/black French Regence chess pieces of King Height 4 in. (102mm)
Fine Quality Camel Bone: Fine quality camel bone has been used for chess pieces. Dark pieces are dyed black and lighter pieces are bleached milky white.
Inlaid Chess Board: The chess board has been hand inlaid in Wenge Wood/White Maple by master craftsmen who know the real art of inlay work.
Special Storage Sections: The specialty of this box is that there are 2 storage sections (1) Left section (2) Right section and each section has EP Foam tray which has been designed according to the shape of the chess pieces. There are 16 cut outs in each section where the chess pieces are stored.
The EP foam is specially meant for protective packaging of sensitive high value items. The maroon velvet has been applied on the surface of foam with special process which gives the feeling of velvety touch.
Simulated Leather Case: Simulated Leather case is being provided free of cost with every purchase. The case gives extra protection from scratch and mishandling of chess board while traveling etc.

Product Info Specifications Similar Items
  • Item# CS9719
  • Size: 16" x 16"
  • Chess Board (open): 16" x 16"
  • Chess Board (close): 16" x 8"
  • Square Size: 1.75"
  • King Height: 4"
  • King Base: 1.22"
  • Chess Board (playable area): 14" x 14"
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