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Chess Backgammon Sets

House of Chess offers chess backgammon sets made of solid wood. From pocket to travel size, these sets are available in folding and flat style with storage space. Chess Pieces are of traditional staunton design with matchin board wood. Different type of woods like rosewood, maple, ebony and golden rosewood are used in making these fine quality backgammon sets and even though it is inlay and not the veneers. We offer exceptional value for money as these are being manufactured at our own factory.

Wooden Magnetic Chess Backgammon Sets

Wooden Magnetic Chess Backgammon Sets

These travel size backgammon sets can easily be carried and make it convenient to take on trips, vacations for a game. Made of solid golden rosewood, these sets have inlay work in rosewood, ebony and maple. There is clear advantage of magnetic chess backgammon set that the game can be restarted from the moment where it was stopped without disturbing the move. One the top there is a chess board and from inside it is backgammon. Seperate storage space for checkers is provided while pieces can be kept in velvet puch.

Featured Wooden Magnetic Chess Backgammon Sets
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